Policy Servicing
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Individual Claim
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Request for Policy Value Withdrawal Form
Request for Policy Maturity Form
Personal Information Change - Personal Information / Occupation / Contact Information [Address / Telephone Number / E-mail Address] / Signature
Policy Information Change - Policy Ownership Transfer / Change of Beneficiary
Policy Information Change - Change of Payment Mode / Payment Options / Policy Coverage / Reinstatement
Policy Information Change - Collateral Assignment / Release of Collateral Assignment Form
Other Requests - Policy Lost Declaration
Self Certification - Self-Certification Form – Individual
Hospitalization - Hospitalization Claim Form
Hospitalization - Mastercare Medical Plan Direct Billing Pre-Approval Form
Accident - Accident Claim Form
Time Lady - Time Lady Insurance Claim Form
Critical Illness – Cancer
Critical Illness – Stroke
Critical Illness – Heart Attack
Critical Illness – Heart Valve Replacement
Critical Illness – Others
Critical Illness – Terminal
Waiver of Premium - Waiver of Premium / Payor Benefit Claim Form
Life - Death Claim Form
Self Certification - Self-Certification Form – Individual
Personal Information Collection Statement
List of Designation Hospitals in China (Please refer to the Chinese Version)
Large amount questionnaire
Questionnaire for the junior insured
Supplementary information form
Individual Self-Certification
Supplementary financial statement for personal cover questionnaire
Agency Report